We Buy Black Sand Concentrates, & Gold and Silver Ores
Sell us your Gold Ore, Gold Flakes, and Black Sand Concentrates.
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We Buy Gold and Silver Ore, and black sand concentrates from hard rock miners and gold dredging operations. To sell us your gold black sands, and gold ore, please Contact Us with a note explaining what type of gold ore you have, and what quantities are available.

For gold black sand concentrates, just let us know how much is available and if the gold black sand concentrates have come from a dredging operation, hard rock mine, or if they are beach or black magnetic sands. If it sounds like something we can extract gold and/or precious metals from, we will request a small sample to be sent to us for an evaluation and get back to you with an offer. We pay the highest price possible for gold black sand concentrates. Selling your gold black sand and gold concentrates has never been easier.
We have built our business around the small miner and gold prospector.  After separating all the free gold from your black sands, give us chance to test your black sand concentrates for additional gold hidden within the structure of the black sand itself.  Black sands from gold bearing areas can contain small amounts of gold, embedded inside and attached to the outside of the black sand.   Shaker tables, blue bowls and panning can only separate out the free gold, and only chemical extraction will recover the remaining gold whithin or attached to the black sand. Using a unique pre-treatment, followed by wet chemical extraction such as Aqua Regia,  extracting the complexed gold from black sand is possible. This imbedded micron gold is not recoverable using gravity separation methods. 
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We buy gold nuggets and gold flakes
We are always looking to Buy Gold Nuggets and Buy Gold Flakes.  If you are a prospector / miner and are willing to part with those hard earned natural gold nuggets and gold flakes, we would be happy to give you a fair price for them.  Simply Contact Us with a photograph of the natural gold nugget and /or gold flakes along with the quantity available, or the weight of the natural gold nugget, and we will contact you with an offer. 
  • We Buy Gold Black Sands 
  • We Buy and Sell Gold Ore 
  • We Buy and Sell Natural Gold Nuggets
  • We Buy and Sell Natural Gold Flakes 
  • Sorry, we do not buy gold jewelry, gold bullion, computer scrap, or coins