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raw gold ore for sale, natural gold ore samples
Natural gold ore, or raw gold ore, is available here. The raw gold ore samples we sell are guaranteed to come from silver or gold mines here in the US. We have a variety of natural gold ore samples for sale. 
If you are looking to buy gold ore you have come to the right place. We sell gold ore with quartz, pyrite gold ores, schist gold ores, sulfide gold ores and even black slate with visible gold flakes.  If you are looking to buy silver ores, some of our best silver ores are listed below and come from the mineral mountain range in Utah. The raw gold ore and silver ores that are listed below will depend on the current availability from various mines.  
At Gold River Refining, we sell gold ore samples in 3 pound boxes.  Small mining operations are happy to sell gold ore, but will only sell gold ore in large truck loads.  At Gold River Refining, we buy gold ore in  large quantities. We then hand pick and sell this gold ore in 3 pound sample boxes. 
Not only do we sell gold ore, but We Buy Gold Ore.  We are always looking to buy gold ore, raw Gold Nuggets, gold flakes and natural gold and silver ores from rich mining companies.  If you operate a silver and gold ore mine, and are able to Sell Gold Ore, please Contact Us.
Shipping is a flat $15.95 on all orders      We have a  30 day money back guarantee on all of our raw gold ore samples.
Category Products

Category Products

Mineral Mountain Range Ore,  Utah
Mineral Mountain Range Ore,  Utah This white quartz gold and silver ore has a lot of pyrite chunks in it.  The area is know for its incredibly rich silver mines, but gold was also mined here.
Wasatch Mountains Ore,   UtahWasatch Mountains Ore, UtahThis copper and gold ore comes from a mine located in the Wasatch Mountains.  The area was famous for  producing copper along with gold & silver in the early 1900's.
The natural gold ore for sale is a raw gold ore direct from the earth. This raw gold ore may contain natural elements such as lead, copper, silver, etc...  Use correct handling procedures when handling raw gold ore or any other natural gold ore. For correct handling of raw gold ore and natural gold ore, please contact us.  Our raw gold ore suppliers sell gold ore to us in its raw gold form and may contain other minerals and elements.  Handle with care.