Coconut Carbon 3.5 Lbs


Coconut Carbon 3.5 Lbs
Gold Loaded Coconut Carbon. Gold Chloride adsorbed onto activated coconut carbon.Activated Coconut Carbon
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Activated Coconut Carbon

Our granular activated coconut carbon is made specifically for use in air and vapor filters to eliminating odors and toxic vapors.  This coconut carbon is also the same carbon used in gold refining plants to adsorb the gold out of gold leaching solutions.  (please see the photo below of gold adsorption onto this coconut carbon) Also makes an excellent carbon for aquariums.

This is a high quality coconut carbon with a mesh size of 8 x 12.  Activated Coconut Carbon is the preferred carbon for use with our glass carbon filter units.

  • Highly Activated Coconut Carbon
  • 8 x 12 Mesh Size
  • Specifically used for Odors & Toxic Vapors
  • Recomended for use in our Glass Carbon Filters
  • Same Carbon used to adsorb Gold from leach solutions

Sold in 3.5 Lb containers.