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Dissolving gold to refine gold, or separate gold
We sell high quality glass beakers and flasks, soxhlets, large buchner funnels, gold refining equipment, gold chemical extraction supplies and more.  If you need to refine gold, separate gold, and do it in a boiling flask or glass beaker, we can supply you with the necessary lab glassware.  We also sell carbon filter units that are easily placed on beakers and flasks to capture toxic fumes when dissolving gold or refining gold. 
To separate gold from other metals, the gold ore, gold computer parts, or scrap jewelry must first be placed in a glass beaker or boiling flask to dissolve and separate gold ions from other metal ions. A flat bottom boiling flask works well to separate gold or when refining gold in small batches.  Our glass beakers and flasks are basic equipment for the small gold refining operation.  Quality lab glassware is a must when performing gold chemical extraction in beakers and flasks.  We sell the high quality lab glassware and gold refining equipment you need to separate gold and other precious metals in a safe and efficient manner.  
From ph paper to plastic tweezers, we have the gold refining supplies necessary for gold chemical extraction from gold computer parts, bench sweeps, and jewelry.  Easily separate gold from other precious metals with butyl diglyme. Our article on dissolving gold with aqua regia shows how to refine gold from gold computer parts, gold ores, and mixed metal jewelry using a simple flat bottom boiling flask to separate gold from the other base metals.  
More information on dissolving gold, gold chemical extraction, and gold refining can be found in our gold articles, gold refining blog, and other books, and magazines available on this website.
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Refine gold using our gold refining supplies. To separate gold from gold computer parts using gold chemical extraction techniques, use beakers and flasks to refine gold.
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