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Gold Ores, Silver Ores, find gold ores.

We Sell Gold and Silver Ore
Now you can buy gold ore samples and silver ores from mining operations across the United States. These gold and silver ores can be used as educational teaching tools, to test your gold refining skills, or used in a mineral or rock display.  Some of our gold ores have visible gold flakes, but most of these gold ores have gold tied up with other minerals such as copper, silver, iron, etc....
Many of our silver ores are rich with Galena, a natural mineral composed of lead sulfide and can contain large amounts of silver. Both silver ores and gold ores, as well as our black sand concentrates can be processed with our gold refining equipment to purify gold, extract the silver, platinum group metals, and other precious rare earth metals.

Find Gold ores, gold Refining Equipment, gold purification.

Gold Refining Equipment / Lab Glassware
Most small scale gold refining is done in glass beakers and boiling flasks.  Our lab glassware and gold refining equipment is economical and readily available to the prospector, jeweler, and gold refiner. It is reasonably priced and versatile.  Gold refining equipment is used to separate gold and purify that gold from gold bearing sources such as computer scrap, old jewelry, gold ores and gold black sand concentrates.

There is a lot of information on gold refining on the internet. Make sure to read our gold refining articles and gold refining blog.  They are great resources for learning how to refine gold and more importantly, how to refine gold in a safe and environmentally friendly way.  Gold purification and gold refining is not difficult, it just takes knowledge, proper equipment and a little experience to do it correctly and in a safe manor.

If you access to gold ore, computer scrap or old jewelry, then using a simple gold purification and gold refining technique to refine your precious metals can be very profitable.  Get ready to find gold you never knew existed in mineral rich ores, and scrap electronics by using our  gold refining equipment and gold purification techniques.

Find Gold ores, gold refining equipment.

Gold Prospecting
Prospectors know how to find gold in the hills and mountains with basic gold prospecting equipment, but few people take part in recovering gold and silver from old computers, electronic scrap, and other non-traditional sources.  Each month a new article will be published on our website to help others learn how to find gold in the traditional as well as the non-traditional places.  

The prospecting and gold refining equipment we sell is perfect for the small mining operation.  Our gold refining equipment is also a useful tool for the prospector who wants to test gold ore samples and concentrates for values. Gold ore samples can be tested immediately when doing it yourself.

If you are a miner or prospector and do not want to get involved in the chemical extraction of gold and other precious metals for whatever reason, please keep us in mind. We are always interested in buying gold ore and heavy black sand concentrates.

gold refining equipment, gold black sand concentrates, gold purification.

We Buy Gold Ores, Silver Ores, & Black Sand Concentrates
We buy gold ores, silver ores, and gold black sand concentrates from reliable miners and dredging operations. We pay the highest price possible. If you own or operate a dredge that produces black sand concentrates, let us test them for additional gold hidden inside the black sands. Although most black sands do not contain enough gold to be processed profitably, some black sands do. Check out our photo gallery to see photos of black sands containing extremely small particles of micron gold embedded in heavy black sands.

Click the link to sell black sand concentrates to us.  After receiving and testing a small sample of the black sand concentrate, and/or gold and silver ore, we will contact you with an offer to purchase your black sands and gold ores.  The gold recovery test takes about 10 days.  There is no charge for this test.

For those sceptical that black sands can contain precious metals embedded inside the sand itself, here is an interesting article on on platinum group metals found in magnetic black sands titled U.S Geological Survey Bulletin 1660.  It states that the magnetic black sands from the Goodnews Bay District of Alaska carry up to 35 oz of PGM's / ton. A very interesting article.

Gold Purification, gold refining equipment, find gold ores.

Why Buy From Us ?
We have a 30 day money back guarantee on our gold refining equipment, prospecting supplies, and even our raw gold ore and silver ore samples.  We accept all major credit cards. You can shop with confidence on our secure website.

Gold Hill, Deep Creek Range, UtahThis smoky quartz gold ore has lots of small veins and fractures.  Discovered in the 1870's the mines at Gold Hill went on to produce millions in copper and gold. 
Mineral Mountain Range Ore,  Utah This white quartz gold and silver ore has a lot of pyrite chunks in it.  The area is know for its incredibly rich silver mines, but gold was also mined here.
Wasatch Mountains Ore, UtahThis copper and gold ore comes from a mine located in the Wasatch Mountains.  The area was famous for  producing copper along with gold & silver in the early 1900's.


Disclaimer:   Gold refining and gold purification can be dangerous to your health and can even result in death.   Always use appropriate safety equipment and procedures when refining gold. Do not attempt to refine gold without first knowing the risks involved and taking the appropriate safety measures for yourself and the environment. Always work under a fumed hood with the appropriate sized scrubber, when leaching precious metals. Refine at your own risk.  We are not responsible for accidents or incompetence.